Nina Biopic Entering Production

Nina has been in pre-production for a while now with Mary J Blige initially signed on to play the lead role of Nina Simone.  However, due to financial issues the movie hasn’t gone beyond pre-production and eventually lost Blige.  Yesterday’s announcement seems to have confirmed that the movie is moving forward again.  The announcement is that Zoe Saldana will now play the lead role with production beginning on October 16th.

What does this have to do with music?  Well for those who don’t know already, Nina Simone was a very talented Jazz/Blues vocalist starting her career in the 50’s and gained recognition in the early 60’s.  Simone became involved in the civil rights movement and incorporated civil rights messages within many of her songs throughout the 60’s and early 70’s.  One of the most famous civil rights themed songs being “Mississippi Goddam” where she references a Birmingham, Alabama church bombing and asks people to join her as she seeks equality.  Simone is credited by many current singers who state she’s one of their many influences.  Singers like Ledisi, Aretha Franklin, Sade, and many more.  Simone later passed away in her French home in 2003.

I’m definitely looking forward to Nina.  I would have loved to see Mary J Blige play the late singer, however, I think Zoe Saldana will have no problem rising to the occasion and pulling off a great performance.  You can check out some compilation albums of Simone’s on Amazon MP3 as well as iTunes.