P!nk Releases Try Music Video

P!nk is known for pushing herself to the limits when preparing for concerts and music videos, but I don’t think anyone expected this.  P!nk’s latest music video was released today for her album’s second single, “Try”.  The video shows P!nk dancing and, at times, battling, with the male actor.  At moments I thought I was watching an Emmy nominated routine from So You Think You Can Dance.  Initially, I didn’t too much care for this song, however, after watching the video, I’ve definitely gained a better understanding of and appreciation for the lyrics.  P!nk acts out a tumultuous and violent relationship in this video, it’s definitely one of the best music videos I’ve seen in a while.  Check out the video above.

You can purchase the album from Amazon MP3 and iTunes.

Time to “Live While We’re Young”

U.K. X Factor alums One Direction planned to release the first single off of their upcoming album a few days from now but some how the video for the song leaked online last night leading to the group releasing the video on Vevo this afternoon (September 20th).  The first single is “Live While We’re Young” from their sophomore album Take Me Home which is scheduled for release in the U.S. on November 13th.

One Direction seems to be everywhere right now.  Their first album, Up All Night, was released in March of this year and is currently the second best selling album of the year (behind fellow U.K. artist Adele’s 21).  One Direction had the honor of receiving three MTV Video Music Awards a few weeks ago including the awards for Best New Artist and Best Pop Video.  With all of this popularity, there’s no wonder the group signed to Simon Cowell’s Syco label plans to release their second album within the same year as their first. If boy band history has shown us anything, it’s that popularity comes on fast and leaves just as fast (Hanson and Jonas Brothers are great examples of this).   

While I personally haven’t jumped on the One Direction band wagon yet, I can definitely understand their appeal.  Check out their newest video for “Live While We’re Young” below.  I’m sure this song will jump up the charts the moment it’s released to digital retailers but it still leans a little too young for my taste.  I’d be interested to see how their music changes as they mature, that is, if they’re able to hold on to their popularity long enough.

A few days ago Taylor Swift released the music video for the first single, “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together”, off of her upcoming album Red.  This single marks a definite change for Swift moving from Pop/Country music to strictly Pop.  Swifts initially success came from her ability to cross over from country to pop, now with a strong fan base it’s evident that she’s trying her hand at a variety of different styles.  Her previous attempt at a different style was her Hunger Games Folk song, “Safe & Sound”.  I enjoy when artists try new things with their music and while I don’t care for this first single, I’m interested to hear what other Pop songs Swift will have on her album.

My thoughts on the single are that it’s extremely catchy, but that’s to be expected when Max Martin is involved with a song’s creation.  The reason I state I don’t care for this first single isn’t because I don’t like the song.  I really enjoy a catchy, fun, and entertaining Pop song.  My issue with the song is that it wasn’t what I was hoping for as a first single.  I really enjoyed “Safe & Sound” and would love to hear Swift continue making songs that move more into the Folk/Country genre.  I am confident that Red will show a lot of variety when it comes to genres though, so there is definitely more to come from her.  One thing is for sure, “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together” has been a chart hit giving Swift her first Hot 100 number one and became the song with the highest first week sales for a female artist.

I have two things to say about the music video for this song.  First, the video was shot in one continuous take.  This isn’t immediately evident when watching the video because of the different set and costume changes which makes this all the more impressive.  Second, the animal costumes and expressions from her band makes this video look more like a furry party which sharply contrasts with how innocent the song and overall video comes across.  I’m not sure what exactly she was going for with the costumes but my view of the video (and furries in general) is definitely tainted by my line of work (Public Health/Sex Education).

Check out the video above and look for Red to be released October 22nd.

Beyonce premiered a new video for her song “I Was Here” off of her album 4 to help promote the World Humanitarian Day, August 19th.  The video was recorded on August 10th at the UN General Assembly in New York.  The video shows Beyonce taking the stage and beginning her performance of “I Was Here” while the walls around her transform to show images of people going above the call of duty to help others around the world.  

What is World Humanitarian Day?  According to www.WHD-iwashere.org the day is to recognize:

"Those who face danger and adversity to help others.  August 19th is the anniversary of the 2003 bombing of the United Nations headquarters in Baghdad, Iraq, which killed 22 people.

We honor those who have made the ultimate sacrifice, and we pay tribute to those who continue to help people around the world, regardless of who they are and where they are.

Every day we see and hear images and stories of pain and suffering in our own neighborhoods and in countries far away.  But we also find acts of kindness, great and small.  World Humanitarian Day is a global celebration of people helping people.”

So on this day, August 19th, check out the video above and check out the website to see what you can do to make a difference for someone else.  I’m sure no matter where you are you’ll be able to find a local non-profit organization that can use your help.  Take the time to volunteer and if you don’t have the time, look into donating, even if it’s only a dollar, every cent makes a difference to agencies who are fighting to keep their doors open.

Miguel - Adorn New Music Video

Miguel made a lot of fans happy today by releasing his new EP “Kaleidoscope Dream: The Water Preview” along with his new video for one of the songs on the EP, “Adorn”.  ”Adorn” is a smooth R&B track all about giving into his love.  ”These fists will always protect you… and this smile will never neglect you.”  The lyrics in this song are refreshing when you compare them to other R&B songs released in the past months that focus on the act of sex instead of the emotions involved with loving someone.  Don’t get me wrong, I love a good raunchy R&B song like the rest of them, but I also love a song like this one that won’t make me feel awkward when it comes on the radio and my grandmother is in the car with me.

Miguel, for those of you who may have missed out on his debut album, is an R&B artist who released his debut album back in 2010.  The album, “All I Want Is You” was preceded by the single of the same name.  The single did moderately well on the R&B charts and was followed by the single “Sure Thing” which eventually peaked at number one on the Billboard R&B chart.  ”Sure Thing” is probably his best known single 

Before releasing his “Water Preview” EP, Miguel released three other EPs earlier this year, “Art Dealer Chic” Volumes 1 through 3 each containing 3 songs.  Miguel plans to release another EP leading up to the release of his second album.  The second EP will be Kaleidoscope Dream: The Air Preview”.  These two EPs will be combined with additional songs to comprise his second album, “Kaleidoscope Dream”.  This album will ultimately be released October 2 of this year.

The music video for “Adorn”, the first single from his second album, isn’t anything too special.  It depicts Miguel singing to a woman (sometimes more than one) about how much he loves and adores her.  The setting is somewhat interesting and adds to the mode of the song, I would recommend the video to Miguel fans otherwise I would only send people to the video if I wanted them to hear the song and didn’t have it loaded on my phone for them.

Enjoy the song and purchase the EP on Amazon MP3 or iTunes.

P!nk - New Music Video - Blow Me (One Last Kiss)

Now here’s a music video with a story.  The video for Blow Me (One Last Kiss) sees P!nk reunite with director Dave Meyers.  Meyers and P!nk have a long history together, Meyers is responsible for almost all of the music videos to P!nk’s most popular songs.  Most recently, they’ve worked together on Fuckin Perfect, Raise Your Glass, Fun House, and Please Don’t Leave Me.  Meyers is also known for his work with other artists, he recently directed Rihanna’s Where Have You Been, Katy Perry’s Fireworks, and Justin Bieber’s Sombody To Love.

In sharp contrast to another music video that was just released, J Lo’s Goin In, this video is shot in all black and white except for a few moments when red comes into the story.  The video for Blow Me has the characteristics of a somewhat modern film noir which fits P!nk and the song very well.  P!nk is known for being vengeful and releasing music videos that show her either getting revenge or someone who has done her wrong getting what they deserve in some other way, all with a bit of humor thrown in.  Blow Me definitely does not disappoint and follows the themes we’ve come to expect and love from P!nk.

You can get the single from Amazon MP3 or iTunes.  P!nk’s album, The Truth About Love will be released Sep 18 and is available for pre-order now on iTunes.

Mary J Blige - New Music Video - Don’t Mind

Mary J Blige just released the music video for her fourth single off of her newest album.  Blige released My Life II… The Journey Continues (Act 1) on November 21st in the United States.  Since then, US sales of the album have been slow to pick up when compared with many of her previous albums.  This statement isn’t necessarily fair to Blige though, as of March/April of this year My Life II has been certified gold by the RIAA (Recording Industry Association of America) and has sold more than 500,000 copies which is still really good for an R&B album that had only been on the market for 4 months.

Don’t Mind is a track that we’ve come to expect from Blige, it’s a song about affirming love and expressing that because I love you (or whoever is in love in this scenario) I don’t mind setting my ego aside and letting you take the lead.  This is a somewhat slower song when compared to the previous three singles off of the album.

The music video for this song is very simple and, again, something we have come to expect from Blige.  There’s nothing wrong with this at all, it’s obvious Blige has found where she’s comfortable and is sticking with it for the time being.  The video shows Blige the entire time and only Blige, I can’t help but notice how beautiful she is, especially for a 41 year old women.  There’s nothing special about the video at all, nothing in the video will add to the meaning of the song or make anyone who has a strong opinion about the song feel any differently.  I would say that the video is simply intended to help promote the single and give the song a way to be played on music video shows and in venues that only play music videos, nothing more.  Still, watch the video above if you’re a Mary J Blige fan, Blige is definitely not hard on the eyes and the song isn’t bad either so what do you have to loose?

My Life II… The Journey Continues (Act 1) and various songs from the album can be purchased on Amazon MP3 as well as iTunes.

Alanis Morissette - Guardian

Alanis Morissette has just released her music video for her first single, Guardian, off of her upcoming album Havoc and Bright Lights.  For those of you not familiar with Alanis, she is a Canadian singer who became popular in the mid 90s with her album Jagged Little Pill, this album became the best selling album by a female artist until Shania Twain broke the record two years later in 1997 with her album Come On Over.  JLP is still the second best selling album by a female artist behind to date.  JLP's sales were helped primarily by the singles You Oughta Know, Ironic, and You Learn, all of which peaked in the top ten on the Billboard Hot 100 chart.

Havoc and Bright Lights will be her 7th studio album (5th album to be released outside of Canada).  Guardian is an uplifting song written by Alanis for her recently born son.  The song talks about being there to serve as a protector, being the person who will commit to watching over you to make sure everything is all right.  The video opens to Alanis writing on a sheet of paper, “I’ll be your keeper for life”.  The video is primarily shot in black and white showing Alanis perched at the top of a building watching people walking around in the city below dealing with various issues.  When the chorus comes in the video switches to color and shows Alanis and her band performing the song.

This video, unlike a lot of other videos recently released, has a meaning behind it and is intended to serve as inspiration to people who may feel as if they’re alone.  In the video, Alanis is portraying a guardian angel for the people below, and while she never directly steps in to help them with their issues, she’s still there making sure everything is okay.  I feel that the video leaves it open for people to determine who they’re own guardian is, if you’re a spiritual or religious person you can take the video more literally and see a devine being as your guardian.  If you’re neither of those, you can see it as your own inner strength, I think this is the message given at the end of the video when each person is shown changing from black and white to color.

Check out the video above and look for Alanis’ album to be released on August 28th.

New Video - Jennifer Lopez - Goin’ In

Jennifer Lopez recently released her music video for the first single off of the new Step Up Revolution soundtrack.  The song serves two purposes, promote the new Step Up movie as well as J Lo’s new greatest hits album which was released within the last week.

Goin’ In is definitely Pop at it’s finest.  It features Flo Rida with a small cameo from Lil Jon who doesn’t receive credit for his part on the track.  The song is all about the beat and perfect for the new Step Up movie.  The song will allow people to focus on the dancing and not get lost in the lyrics of the song, the lyrics are very basic, in my opinion; “It’s go time, press my button, yeah blow the stage… grenade”.  I think it’s awkward when singers/song writers try to incorporate lyrics into their songs similar to the rap lyrics of Lil Wayne and Nicki Minaj.  I didn’t like it when Beyonce did it in her song Countdown, “I’m all up under him like it’s cold… winter time.  All up in the kitchen in my heels… dinnertime.” and I definitely don’t like it in this song.

The music video focuses on vibrant colors, opening to J Lo’s pink, bedazzled lips wearing a fuchsia colored cape that’s blowing in all directions with white wolves in front of her.  The video continues with scenes of J Lo showing off her fit body and scenes of dancers from the Step Up movie.  The video is all about the dancing and serves as a great promoter for the movie by showing people exactly what they should expect with yet another dance movie.  There’s nothing special beyond the dancing and colors in this video, however, when listening to the song the video is for, that’s all you really need.  The dancing is great and while J Lo’s dancing isn’t anywhere close to what it used to be when she first started her career, she’s still a very solid dancer and has an amazing body to show off.

If you’re interested in seeing another Step Up movie, maybe the first three weren’t enough for you, the movie opens in theaters today (Friday, July 27th).

Ne-Yo - Let Me Love You (Until You Learn to Love Yourself)

Ne-Yo recently released the music video for the second single off of his upcoming album R.E.D. (Realizing Every Dream).  I’m not a huge fan of Ne-Yo, his voice can become annoying to me after listening to it for so long and a lot of his songs begin to sound like he’s whining about something, with that said, I like this song.  

Ne-Yo is known for his R&B songs So Sick, Because of You, and most recently Closer and Miss Independent.  I think this song sees Ne-Yo balancing the line between R&B and Pop like so many other male R&B singers are doing right now.  While I like the song and think it’s a huge improvement from the singles he released for his album Libra Scale, I think he may be alienating a lot of his fans by making a song that sounds like what’s hot right now.  Libra Scale was not a commercial success for him and he risks repeating what happened with that album with this one is he can’t connect reconnect with his fan base.  His first single, Lazy Love, was closer to the R&B Ne-Yo is known for but may have missed the mark lyrically.  The lyrics didn’t flow for me and failed to create a good melody.

The new video shows clips of Ne-Yo singing mixed with clips of a beautiful woman standing on the beach with the wond blowing in her hair.  During the chorus you’ll go back and forth between clips of the two of them sensually touching and kissing and Ne-Yo dancing.  There’s nothing too spectacular about the video, it’s a lot of what we’ve come to expect from Ne-Yo; beautiful woman, him shirtless, and dancing.

I’m curious to hear how this album will sound.  Here’s to hoping he’ll stick with more R&B than Pop. In My Own Words is still my favorite album of his.