New Music Tuesday

Today marked first week in a while where multiple highly anticipated albums were released together.  Going forward, album sales in general should pick up, unfortunately, with the dismal sales already experienced this year it may not be enough to end this year ahead of last years sales.  

Below are four of the albums released today that I’ll be listening to this week.

Nelly furtado is back with new music and a new sound.  A little over 6 years ago Furtado set the world on fire with her third international album Loose.  The album contained two international hits which were also her first two songs to reach number one on the Billboard Hot 100, “Promiscuous” and “Say It Right”.  Since then, Furtado released her fourth album, first Spanish album, in 2009, Mi Plan and a Best of album in 2010 containing three new songs.  

Needless to say, fans have been waiting for some new material from her.  While Loose was primarily produced by Timbaland, Furtado’s newest album, Spirit Indestructible, sees Furtado collaborating with Rodney “Darkchild” Jenkins.  The album is completely unpredictable, in the best way possible.  One thing is for sure, there is no lack of rhythm and bass on this album.  Each track proves Furtado is a true artist experimenting with sounds that will help her express the different emotions this album is intended to convey. This is not an album that tries to fit in with what’s hot right now, it’s an album that serves to push the music industry in a new direction.  Furtado has definitely allowed her music to mature with each new album and I look forward to hearing what will come next, hopefully we won’t have to wait another six years to find out. 

Spirit Indestructible can be found on Amazon MP3 and iTunes, click the links to find it.

P!nk also released an album today.  P!nk has done a lot of promotion leading up to this album’s release including performing her lead single, “Blow Me (One Last Kiss)” at the MTV Video Music Awards and releasing lyric videos for all of the tracks off of the main album the week leading up to the album’s release.  I’ve already made a few posts regarding some of the songs off of the album, they can be found HERE, HERE, and HERE.  

I really enjoy P!nk’s musical style.  Similar to Furtado, she makes music that she can be proud of and doen’t try to make something that sounds like what’s hot right now.  P!nk has a distinct style and explores different ways to express this style with each new album. Don’t get me wrong, both P!nk and Furtado make what can be considered Pop music, but their music can’t be sung by just anyone.  The next album I plan to list is a fun Pop album, however, the songs could be sold to a number of singers and sound just as good.  That can’t be said about the songs on P!nk’s album or Furtado’s. 

The Truth About Love can be found and purchased by following these links, Amazon MP3 and iTunes.  However, Target has an exclusive version of the album with four songs not found online.

The second Canadian singer (Furtado being the first) to release an album today was “Call Me Maybe” singer, Carly Rae Jepsen.  I don’t have a lot to say about Jepsen’s album right now because I’ve only listened to a few of the songs all of the way through and samples of the rest, however, I can tell you Jepsen definitely isn’t a one hit wonder.  Almost ever song on the album has the same catchy feel as “Call Me Maybe” and “Good Time”.  The album is pure Pop.  As I mentioned above, Jepsen is one of those Pop artists that lucked out with having great songs and great production, however, there isn’t much special about her album beyond this.  Every song on the album could be given to another female singer with a great voice and sound exactly the same.  There’s nothing wrong with this at all, Jepsen has more than enough time to develop her own personal style and sound that will be unique to her and if she doesn’t, she’ll forever be at the mercy of her label and the people chosen to create her albums for her.

Kiss can be purchased on Amazon MP3 and iTunes here.

Lastly, there was GOOD Music’s Cruel Summer. This is a compilation album of tracks produced by Kanye West’s GOOD Music.  Unfortunately, I haven’t had the opportunity to listen to any of the songs off of this album yet, so I’ll have to leave direct you to Billboard’s track by track review to gain more insight on the album.  

Cruel Summer can be found on Amazon MP3 and iTunes by clicking the links.

Chris Brown - Fortune Review

No matter who you are, you’ve heard the name Chris Brown.  Ever since his domestic violence incident in 2009 the general public has been split on whether they like him or not.  There are people who feel there is no coming back from what he’s done, while his loyal fans will argue that no one is perfect and everyone deserves forgiveness.  Then there are people like me, I personally don’t care for Chris Brown and feel that he has stopped maturing the moment people in his life stopped giving him direction and turned into “Yes” men.  I feel that Brown deserves to be forgiven for his actions like all people do, however, I also feel that forgiveness comes once you’ve proven you’re no longer the same person that did those actions.  Chris Brown has not proven that and is constantly finding himself in situations where he’s proving he’s still more of a child than a man.

With that said, I believe in separating a person’s personal life and actions from their music or art.  I believe that if we knew everything there were to know about every celebrity there would be plenty of individuals that we would find personally revolting.  Some people are just better at keeping their personal lives and beliefs away from their fans than others. While I don’t care for Brown, I do enjoy his music and look forward to hearing new material from him.

This leads me to Fortune, Chris Brown’s newest album of work, the follow-up to 2011’s F.A.M.E.  Fortune is Brown’s fifth album overall and looks to be his second consecutive number one on the Billboard 200 (for those who are not familiar with the Billboard 200, it is a weekly chart that lists the top 200 best selling albums in order of most units sold).  While first week sales are projected to be half of what F.A.M.E. sold during it’s first week, it still looks to be a commercial success for Brown.  Fortune definitely continues the vibe F.A.M.E. started.  Brown continues to play with different styles ranging from R&B, Hip Hop, and Dance Pop.  These styles were present in F.A.M.E. but I feel he’s found more control over each style on Fortune. 

Let’s look at the album song-by-song in 160 characters or less:

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